Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sit Still!

Remember being told to “Sit still!”? Sometimes, I think it was my mother's favorite phrase! Those words are difficult for me as I can always think of something that needs to be done. The list in my head seems to never come to an end. As a child, my list was more like this: Tattling on my brothers, telling my sister what to do, or crying “unfair” at just the right time when I felt treated unjustly.  In a desire to be fair to myself and to what I know about children, I wanted to belong and be significant as we all do. I found a way to be special through making sure all my tasks were checked off. Much to the chagrin of my sibs, I took it upon myself to ensure they knew what they were to get done, too. ;-)

As a grown woman and one who is trained as a family therapist, there are patterns of behavior and interactions that I have learned. It is my hope that these skills will help people work towards health in their relationships.  Often, ideas of how things should take place, in what order, by whom, and how frequently run through my mind. It is easy to forget the necessity for and the wisdom of four simple words.  When the Lord recently told me, “Sit still, my daughter.” (Ruth 3:18), you know what? He was right. All my little formulas, ideas and plans for others, although they may contain truth, do not compare to the wisdom that is revealed when one takes time to sit still watching what God puts together. His artistry goes beyond what my finite mind can even begin to comprehend. 

There is a knowing that comes with being quiet and humbled in His presence...a knowing that brings rest and confidence which in turn provides strength. I want that kind of strength as a professional, as a woman and as a child of God.  I pray the same for each of you.

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