Saturday, December 4, 2010

When The Messiah Came...

I was a very young girl when these words became meaningful to me. I did not realize it at the time but it was a moment in which I entrusted my entire being to the love of the Lord. I do remember being very lonely, uncertain, searching and educated in the fact that God would love me no matter what. The memory I have is rather simple. Standing in the backyard looking toward the church my father was presently pastoring, I stated the following words out loud; “Even if no one loves me, God, I believe you will love me.” I don’t remember that time as especially emotional or surrounded with a momentous manifestation of God’s presence. What I do remember is the certainty with which I stated those words. I was unaware at my young age the meaning associated with that statement. Rather, it seemed simple and matter of fact. Yet, the Messiah came to me that day.

The woman at the well had no idea who it was she was speaking to when she stated to Jesus; “When the Messiah comes…” That statement is filled with longing for freedom, healing, comfort, etc. What is apparent to each of us who have the privilege of reading about her life, is that she was vulnerable, hungry, lonely, searching and learned. And…the Messiah came. He came and filled every nook and cranny of her empty, starving heart with respect, comfort, correction, love, companionship and revelation.  How amazing!

Christmas is the time of year that often reminds me of when the Messiah came to earth beginning the realization of our freedom. To those of us who have chosen Him, we can say, “When the Messiah came…“ The stable was out of sight, humble, unobtrusive. He came so quietly. He came to me quietly and unobtrusively. My guess is He has done the same for each of you in some manner.

This Christmas, in some way, allow yourself to remember His coming. Allow yourself to drift back in time to the early moments in which He revealed His presence to you, drawing you to Himself. The Christmas season is made just for that. Ask God to come and remind you how he filled every nook and cranny of your being with the realization of who He is. Then you too can find someone and share ”When the Messiah came…”

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