Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reflecting stomach is STILL full and I am waxing eloquent...bear with me. Returning home after spending an enjoyable Thanksgiving day with friends, I find myself reflecting on past years and precious memories of time with family. With parents gone and my life in transition, my relationship with Jesus Christ surges to the surface with increasing intensity. I have often thought, "How do others manage life without the awareness they are deeply loved by God?" Many would say they do not believe God is present or even aware they exist. I disagree...When I look at the evidence of His design in the intricacies of the human body, the human spirit, His existence is undeniable. 

I had opportunity to interact with a three month old baby. His eyes intent, watching every movement of my mouth, responding to my tone of voice and gentle touch. All the inner processes working to integrate the information his senses were exposed to. The preciousness of his little being touched me the most. We are so blessed with the miraculous around us it is overwhelming. I am so heart is full...

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