Saturday, November 27, 2010

Early Morning Hours

Hello dear friends....It is early on a Saturday morning...the house is quiet along with my spirit....So often during these times I am so aware of my need for the Lord. In addition, I am aware of HIM, His presence, His love, His covering. The Lord's Covering. Having just finished a holiday where loving my dear family and friends is celebrated, I cannot proceed without expressing how grateful I am for the one who loved me enough to give His life for me. There is little I can do without His leading, presence, and correction.

So, as the day prayer for each of you is that you will become increasingly aware of the Lord's presence and anointing that reside within you. Let Him lead you through each task of the day. May His words be placed in your mouth. May His Spirit enfold you protecting you from the arrows of the enemy's lies. We are a loved bunch....Amazing isn't it?!

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